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Improve Organization & Efficiency
Dynamic Tour Planning

Seamlessly share the day’s itinerary with clients. TourZazz’s patent pending algorithm auto-generates
a tour map and schedule in seconds.

Easy Rating System

Clients can prioritize favorite home features before the tour, rate them on a house-by-house basis, and share
their impressions with you in real time.

Agent Data Dashboard

Better shape and plan your business strategy. TourZazz’s agent dashboard logs the average time spent showing homes and visits over time.

Share Information Instantly
Neighborhood Facts & Stats

School rankings. Taxes. Walkability scores. Your clients can access and review this information at a glance with TourZazz’s easy-access dashboard.

Agent's Reccos®

Show your clients your neighborhood know-how (and five-star service) by highlighting spots you think they’ll
love: from local bars to favorite trails.

Detailed Maps & Drive Time

TourZazz tells clients how long it takes
to get from home to anywhere with featured maps and commute times to important places around town.


A house hunt home run

Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Brokerages
Real Estate Buyers
  • Spend less time prepping for tours (no print-outs or folders required)

  • Track property tour conversion rates - which leads to increased training opportunities

  • Easily rank, recall and reference home features they like (or dislike)

  • Discover key aspects of the neighborhood — from drive times to school ratings

  • Receive valuable client feedback that can help narrow — then complete — their purchase

  • Significantly improve buyer agency focus, efficiency and productivity

  • Build a better customer experience that elevates the outdated tour process

  • Enhance brand awareness and increase competitive advantage

  • Appreciate an easy-to-use application, customized to their tour preferences

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