Experience Matters!

Not too long ago, Stacy and I were meeting clients for a property tour. We had spent the prior day preparing, taking all their saved favorites, sequencing the tour stops, factoring in traffic and determining the best tour route, figuring how much time we were going to stay at each property, scheduling appointments, waiting for confirmations, printing MLS sheets, preparing their clipboards….you get the routine. When we arrived to pick them up, they got into our car and we handed them their clipboards. The husband chuckled, handed the clipboard back to me and said “When is your industry ever going to get with the times?" He pulled out his iPad and that’s where he stayed for the duration of the tour. It was in that moment that we realized we had to come up with another solution.

We are Michael & Stacy Spickes, a top-producing husband-wife team with Realty Austin in Austin, Texas. With more than 17 years experience as practicing REALTORS©, we have assisted hundreds of home buyers through the home purchase process.

We are passionate about providing our clients the highest in concierge-level service, exceeding expectations every step of the way, and doing all we can to make our client’s home buying process as smooth, streamlined and enjoyable as possible. We are in constant pursuit of seeking ways to maximize efficiency, productivity and return on our time, bringing more value to our clients, and streamlining, elevating and enhancing our client’s overall home buying experience.

Property Showings & Tours: Archaic & Inefficient

For our entire career in real estate, the property tour and home selection process has arguably been the most important and time-consuming phase for both us and our home buyer clients, but wrought with clunky, old-school inefficiencies. Due to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of setting up and conducting a property tour, common challenges that we experience include sequencing properties to be visited, determining traffic congestion patterns and how long a visit should be for each property, receiving confirmations (or denials) while scheduling appointments, running ahead or behind schedule while on tour, and handling real-time communications with listing agents and/or sellers on the fly. Even a showing service or call center hasn't been able to help us with these real world challenges. During the property tour, our home buyer clients often fumble through clipboards, printed MLS sheets, apps and websites, inputting and calculating distances and commute times to multiple points of interest, tracking pros and cons, features and favorites, viewing and comparing mortgage details, school rankings, crime reports and so much more for each property on tour. In the sophisticated technology-age that we live in today, it seems silly that we’re still doing things this way, especially when it comes to the biggest investment our Buyers will likely ever make. 

We believe that, as an industry, we can do better.

Brokers & Team Leaders: Value, Retention & ROI

Working with other brokers and company owners in our market and across the country, it is evident that there is no technology or effective tracking mechanisms in place to help them better understand and assess how many home buyers their agents are actively working with, how many properties are being toured over a specific period of time, how long it takes to write a contract and, more importantly, understanding where and how their agents are spending their time with home buyer clients. TourZazz has a Broker Insights Dashboard that provides property tour analytics offering buyer agency insights and transparency, thus leading to increased training opportunities for brokers and team leaders.

We ARE you!

One of the greatest values that we bring to TourZazz is that we are real estate agents ourselves and are building a solution based on our boots-on-the-ground experience for our own industry and, ultimately, for the clients our industry collectively serves.

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